Updated on: 17th Aug 2015
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Latest DrawRs.1,500Draw 631st Prize of Rs.3,000,000/- PB.3808972nd Prizes of Rs.1,000,000/- PB.328571, PB.349641, PB.460547
Latest DrawRs.100Draw 111st Prize of Rs.700,000/- PB.4017872nd Prizes of Rs.200,000/- PB.203924, PB.212810, PB.837694
Upcoming Draw1 Sep 2015List of Draw No.63 of Rs.40,000 will be updated soon.
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How can I check my Prize Bonds?

Its very easy to check prize bond numbers on UPBC.net. Just follow below mentioned steps.

  1. On left panel select Denomination (RS.) from dropdown and press Enter Key to move cursor to FROM field.
  2. Then enter Prize Bond number in FROM field (e.g. 214751) and press Enter Key to move cursor to TO field.
  3. If you are checking single Prize Bond then press Enter Key again for start checking.
  4. Or if you are checking range of Prize Bonds then enter last Prize Bond number of your range (e.g. 214760) and press Enter Key again to start checking.
  5. It's done system will check your Prize Bond numbers and show you the Results accordingly.

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